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"Retainers for Recruiters: The Art & Science of Landing Retainers and $100K+ Clients"
Complete Step-by-Step Process to Get 
6-Figure Clients Multiple Times Per Year !
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ONE TIME OFFER: Save big on our 12 Hr Training Bundle! That’s twelve 1-Hr Training Sessions for Recruiters from Danny Cahill, Mike Gionta, Terry Edwards, Bob Marshall, Mark Whitby, Tricia Tamkin and more! Includes topics like 1) Efficiency Hacks & Money Stacks, 2) How to Generate 100 Leads in 30 Days, 3) The Smart Recruiter’s Guide to Outsourcing, and so much more from the Legends in the Industry! Significantly grow your business and Get Instant Access to your complete audio downloads immediately. Upgrade Your Order Today. Normally $497, claim your training today for only $67! Check the box above to add the 12 Hr Training Bundle to your order.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • How I created clients that produced between $100,000 and $863,000 PER YEAR in placement revenue
  • The 8 Stages of the Buying Process companies use to evaluate their top tier service providers and HOW it applies to recruiters
  • How to NAVIGATE all 8 stages (miss one and it all unravels!)
  • How to identify the types of companies that will use you multiple times per year
  • The BEST Selling Style (it’s a learned skill) for getting SIX FIGURE Clients.
  • How to identify all those involved in the decision making process, their agendas, and how to sell to each
  • How to work with Human Resources... (Hint: You WILL NOT get a six figure client WITHOUT HR’s active involvement... here's how)
  • How to get through to all those involved and get them to call you back!
  • The exact questions you need to ask, as well has how to respond to land these opportunities… 
  • The secret deep dive diagnostic process to uncover the real reasons they need to fill positions quickly
  • How to make the presentation to win a large contract... Have you ever said “We are pleased to present….”? So does EVERYONE ELSE! STOP!! Here's what to say instead...
  • What kind of approach sets you up as the only viable option in the end
  • Private Members Area where you can access all this info, anytime, anywhere, on-demand
  • What to do AFTER you win the project and close your first few deals. It’s not enough to “check in” with them...Here's exactly how to retain them forever...
  • Complete Transcripts of the whole thing so you literally won't miss a word
  • PLUS our FREE BONUSES of our 1-Day Virtual Training AND the Strategy Session... $797 Value
  • PLUS our famous 6 MONTH, No-Questions-Asked "Keep The Stuff" Guarantee
  • We take all the risk so you don't have to!
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