Outlast the Virus: Pivot to Prosperity!
The Recruiter Stimulus Package Designed to Sustain Your Revenue Now
"Yes, the times are tougher.  Recruiting is more difficult than it was a couple of months ago, but our clients are getting new clients, new openings, and ... wait for it... money upfront!  You NEED the tools to succeed, the wording our clients are using to develop retainers, or at the very least, quality, exclusive contingency clients with higher fees to take advantage of the turnaround we've already started to see."
Michael Gionta
Founder of The Recruiter U

A Partial List of What We'll Cover...

  • Get a baseline for your business – You’ll evaluate the critical components of a successful recruiting business in this market, where you stand on each, and strategies to get on the "GREEN" fight line for revenue.
  • Our five primary drivers and how our beliefs dictate our destiny. We’ll identify the ones that are NOT serving you so you can fix them forever!
  • Learn NEW models to build a REAL recruiting business. One that serves YOU, especially in our current marketplace.
  • How to track five key numbers that will make your revenue predictable. We’ll reverse engineer exactly what your yearly goal looks like on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 
  • Transition from an annoying vender to a pursued partner. Be the trusted advisor in your niche during a time of uncertainty.
  • ​Move from famine to feast: Learn 3 simple ways to build a pipeline of placements in ANY market. (Remember, we've been testing this since March!)


We'll get you through the next 3 months with 2x per week coaching calls, strategies, tactics, and accountability. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!  
  • "WIN the Week" Mondays... we coach you through your plan each week.  You leave with your plan DONE!
  • ​"Tackle it" Thursdays... what's working now strategies, reviewing your outcomes, adjustments & accountability
  • ​Share in crowdsourced data collection.  KNOW EXACTLY what it takes in this environment to make placements.
  • ​A road map for you to not only survive the next 90 days, but be positioned to THRIVE beyond that.
  • Mindset Mastery Coaching - Get out of your head and get results.
  • ​Access to our exclusive membership site full of recession recovery resources.
Get back on track now. The recruiting stimulus package.
Only $997 $597 a month - LIVE Coaching 2x per week for 90 days
Is Your Business Positioned to Pivot?
What color are you operating in?  Get clarity on exactly, specifically and precisely what needs to happen in the next three months to maintain your current revenue and position your business for growth.
Learn to use the Recruiting Firm Optimizer Model
Drive your business forward with the commitment to take massive action.  We'll give you specific action items that are already working with our clients during this downturn.
Get back on track now. The recruiting stimulus package.


"I've been in the recruiting industry for over 20 years and always struggled with making my marketing calls. Mike's program really showed me some different ways to do marketing that were much more consultative and it made it much easier to make the calls. I recently used one of Mike's marketing strategies to the President of a company and this led to a conversation where I made my highest fee ever! Thank you for what you are doing to help recruiters continue to grow and be successful!"


  • Lacking Clarity with all that's going on? You're probably not clear on EXACTLY what you want right now! We begin to fix that here, on our first training. Learn the exercises and get the tools to set a compelling short & long term vision. Define compelling targets that get you excited again as a recruiter.
  • ​Learn 3 Strategies for Marketing/Client Development WITHOUT Cold Calling. Many of the ways you were taught to develop new clients do NOT work well anymore! You will learn 3 distinct strategies that you can implement immediately to be working on warm leads every day. No more "Hey, do you have any requirements I can help you with today" calls!
  • How to outsource your research–CHEAP and liberate hours of your day. Are you spending hours per day finding names to call? STOP! We'll teach you how to get dozens, if not hundreds of names, phone numbers, and email addresses from inexpensive outsourced researchers.
  • How to Get Exclusives, High Fees, and Clients Working with You as a Trusted Adviser. Stuck working low fees and with non-responsive clients? Tired of being treated like an annoying vendor who treats you like garbage? We teach you how to take an eloquent search, get HIGHER Fees, and significantly better structure to your client follow-up process. You will also get the unique search assignment form.
  • The #1 KEY to Creating Predictable Revenue Month to Month. This module is easily the MOST critical module of the program! Metrics are distasteful to most recruiters because they were NEVER taught the right way to use them. After this module, that will no longer be true. (We provide the online metrics tool at NO COST as part of the program.)
  • Easy Business Planning Practices for Your Solo Practice. You will know EXACTLY, SPECIFICALLY & PRECISELY what to do each quarter, each month, and each week in your business to hit your revenue targets. You don't need an elaborate 53-page plan to run your business. Use our easy PROVEN 3 page template and exercises.
  • Effective Daily/Weekly Planning for the Solo/Independent Recruiter. Distracted? Is there a lot of wasted time in your day? In this module and with our template, you learn how to pre-plan your week… quickly, so you can stop figuring out your day when you show up at your desk!
  • Time Management for Recruiters. Discover where your time is being wasted and eliminate those distractions forever. You can eliminate 2 to 5 hours of wasted time each day upon implementing these strategies.
  • ​How to SIGNIFICANTLY Reduce Fall-Offs, Counter Offers, and Offers Turned Down. Indecisive Candidates? Clients? Are you losing placements from turn-downs & counter-offers? You worked weeks if not months putting the deal together and … BOOM! It blows up! These mistakes are costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Learn Proper Expectation Setting, Preparation, Debriefs, and Closing Techniques that should save at LEAST one deal per Year.
  • ​How to Get Retainers & Engagement Fees. The KEY to being a "Trusted Adviser" is being on "their team." When a company invests in you upfront, the relationship and the process work MUCH differently. Getting retainers requires a defined sales process you will learn in this module. My experience is MOST recruiters are not doing ANY of this!


"When I joined Mike's program he made a promise...'Do exactly what I tell you and you will grow your revenue significantly'.... Mike has delivered on his promise. Mike delivers a step-by-step process and the implementation support to guide you through executing what he teaches. I have been in this business a long time and frankly, I was getting a bit bored and burnt out. Not only has Mike brought us up to date on the latest ideas and techniques but implementing some of the new strategies Mike introduced has made this business exciting again... I anticipate continued growth in revenue AND I'm having a lot more fun too!"


All 10 trainings from the recent 2020 Recruiting Firm Owner Telesummit! These are selling now for $497 on our site. This includes:

  • Danny Cahill and Mike Gionta’s training on how to ACT NOW in this economy
  • ​Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault on High Return Marketing Activities
  • ​Securing COMMITTED openings
  • ​New ways to generate warm leads on LinkedIn
  • ​From “Famine to Feast” getting a solid placement pipeline


I had a disastrous year for me as a recruiter. I started the year with high expectations but ended with dismal results. Largely out of desperation, at the end of that year I signed up for Mike’s Coaching group as I hoped Mike might be able to get me back on track. I have enjoyed being in the group and listening and talking to Mike. This year is dramatically better than last, it looks like I will make the lofty goals I set for the when we started which I thought were largely a pipe dream. I have gotten a great return on the time and money I invested and highly recommend Mike’s Coaching Group. If you are struggling as a single recruiter or have a small practice, I recommend you talk to Mike.
If you skipped to the bottom to find out what the deal is, join the pivot to prosperity.  This 90-day sprint includes coaching 2x per week, a whole host of bonus material from recruiting legends including Danny Cahill, and a brand new curriculum to get you the help you need during these uncertain times.

Now only $997.00 $597 per month!
With 20 FREE Bonus Training Modules
Including a FREE ticket to the Los Angeles Intensive
That's over $3,000.00 worth of training - Yours FREE

This is a 90 day program. At the end of the 90 days, billing will be on a month-to-month basis. If I wish to cancel after the 90 days I will notify The Recruiter U no later than 15 days prior to my end date.

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