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"Business Development doesn't have to be hard. In The Business Development Mastery for Recruiters 3-Day Intensive you'll discover BD is a SIMPLE 3-Step process to do just that... Develop Your Business

It is a SYSTEM that has allowed our clients to 2 and even 3x their recruiting revenues in just a few months (without working longer OR harder). In this virtual intensive, you'll get the exact roadmap so you can finally hit those Big, Hairy, Audatious, Golden Targets!

Whether you are an established recruiting firm owner or just starting out… whether you generate six (or seven or eight) figures a year, The Business Development Mastery for Recruiters 3-Day Virtual Intensive will give you absolute clarity on how to equip yourself & your business to scale to new heights, all while taking Fridays off!"
Michael Gionta
Founder of The Recruiter U
October 10th - 12th
12:00 - 3:00 PM EST
LIVE via Zoom
with Q&A
$697 Just $147
Why? To help as many recruiters as possible get out of their own way! 
Here's What Recruiters Are Saying About Our Business Development Program...
Greg shares a feeling that is all too common among recruiters. "I had that sinking feeling... Where's my next search coming from?" 
-Greg Baugh
Fernanda boosted her productivity by 20% simply by attending a RecruiterU Virtual Intensive! Now that she's a client, we are proud to share she is smashing through ceiling after ceiling, confidently quoting higher fees and getting better job orders!
-Fernanda Madrona
Before Diavia joined TRU, her recruiting firm experienced slow but steady annual growth. When it came time to scale to the next level TRU was the first stop along the way.
-Diavia Webster

• BD is the name of the game •

We've all been there. The check clears. The high of the placement fades. And you're back on LinkedIn, looking to drum up some new business. 

If you're dancing between the high highs and the low lows, you might be telling yourself that's recruiting baby. The revenue roller coaster costs 1 placement to ride and Business Development is the name of the game... right? 

You may find yourself feeling a bit like Cramer, you're just, "TCB. You know, taking care of business!"

But, something just isn't adding up. Where's the consistency. And how can you take it to the next level, quickly?

Here's what you'll discover...
At The Business Development Mastery for Recruiters Intensive we'll be teaching BD concepts we've never shared outside of our membership program before. 

These are techniques that are working with our clients, in the market, NOW.  We have the data to confidently share that these techniques can translate to:

-At minimum 1 new deposit based search / month
-More assignments in the next 4 weeks than you've seen in the last 4 months
-A crystal clear vision so you know exactly, specifically, and precisely how to quantify your marketing and when to end your day

Business Development Mastery for Recruiters is the premier event for recruiting entrepreneurs who want to develop the systems necessary to create Consistent, Scalable Revenue with the flexibility of Taking Fridays OFF! 

And, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only risk is you. So, I'll be blunt; Are you willing to show up, and take action?

  • Time Sensitive: in ONLY 3 hours per day over 3 days in this highly interactive event we will REVEAL the tools the MOST successful Recruiters & Recruiting Firm Owners Use to outproduce 90% of their peers in the field, WITHOUT working longer or harder hours.
  • Hint: Most 7 & 8 Figure Firm Owners as well as $500k billers work the SAME or FEWER number of hours as those performing at levels 80% below them!
  • How?: They've harnessed the power of SYSTEMS & DELEGATION. They aren't "naturals" to great performance either.  They "install systems for business development and revenue production beyond "let's go make a placement!"
Recruiting Firms Have Gone From:
• Distracted to Focused
• Roller Coaster Revenue to VERY Predictable Income!
• Overwhelm to Clarity
• Owner Dependent to Team Run
Discover The Best Way to Reach New, Receptive Clients Who See you as a Trusted Advisor. Not just another commodity based recruiter.
In Just 3 Days You will POSSESS:
  • Clarity on What EXACTLY you need to work on in Your Recruiting Business to join the top 10% in the recruiting field.
  • The 3 Prong System to Grow Your Recruiting Firm with CONSISTENT revenue month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter.
  • The Recruiting Firm Scale Up Planning System that turns planning from annoying afterthought to a simple process for predicting revenue.
  • The Recruiting Firm Scale up business development tools to create predictable/consistent income.
  • The path to ultimately Selling your business for multiple 7 figures!
  • The Elite Recruiters’ Mind Process to Tackle Fear, Anxiety, as well as Distraction & Procrastination. We teach you how to shift that into productive action.
  • And So Much More...
Real Results

RecruiterU client, Trevor Johnson, shows us how working through The Recruiting Firm Optimizer Model has allowed him to crush his average annual revenue in just 4 months with TRU.

*Hint: it all started with one of our Virtual Events

Tuesday October 10th through Thursday October 12th from 12:00 to 3:00 each day with live Q&A.
No catch. I used to charge $697 for these events and easily get it… however, I KNOW many of you wouldn’t join the intensive. When you’re exposed to what’s truly possible, taught like it’s NEVER been taught in our Industry, some of you will become long term clients of ours after we earn your trust. Sure, I LOVE to help recruiters, but I am a capitalist at heart!
Plan on about 2.5 hours for the training and 30 minutes of Q&A each day to install the basic systems into your recruiting firm.
The training takes place on Zoom. Additional slides, handouts, and homework will be emailed to you. You will get access to the materials as soon as you join. 
No, recordings of this 3-day virtual intensive will not be made available for attendees.  The reason? Even when we have the best intentions, most recordings sit gathering virtual dust.  This 3-Day event will make the biggest impact when you are attending LIVE, engaging with our coaches, and applying the learning directly to Your Business.
Here's what other firm owners have to say...


"The year before starting with TRU my revenue was $124,750. The average placement fee was $8,900 and over half the job orders were my own. In my first full year with TRU, my average fee increased to $18,499 and revenue was $221,995. After hiring 2 researchers I project my annual revenue for this full year to be $760K. (That includes some time off for cardio surgery.) Those are the actual numbers and next year we should be members of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table)."

 – Herbert Hess, Hess Associates


"Using TRU’s metrics tracking has given me so much more control of my business. What I love about this system is being able to project how much income I want to make and tracking those activities around it. It’s no longer an endless day. I now have a focused approach and it gives me so much power and control over my day and revenue. I am very grateful for learning this technique, I’ve seen a 30% growth in my business in recent months since starting TRU. 

- Leslie Swisher, Archipro Staff Agency 


My goal when I started this company in 2019 was to double the revenue every year until I hit 5 million dollars. This has been such a good partnership, since starting with TRU, I have had a 125% increase in revenue. 

- Daryl Holley, FPC Ocean Springs 
Start writing your success story today...
Let's dig DEEP into what's holding you back & getting in the way of achieving a breakout.  We all have internal thermostats that hold us back.  What is yours? Take the self audit to determine exactly where you are today and develop the plan to achieve what you want tomorrow.

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