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The Bigger Game Transformer
How to Determine Exactly What to Delegate

The Bigger Game Transformer
Will Teach 3 Things:

1. To Classify How You Spend Your Time.  Recruiters, whether solo or firm owners only spend 5-10% of their day doing things they find captivating or motivating.  The first step to increasing that percentage is categorizing your day.

2. Get Honest with Yourself.  There are no hard and fast rules for delegation.  This exercise will encourage you to be honest with yourself and identify the tasks you find both annoying and just okay.

3. Take Action.  Once you complete this exercise, you will know exactly what you need to delegate in the next 90 days to free yourself and make real change in your recruiting business.

In this Worksheet & Training, I'll go through every step with you in creating an actionable system to start delegating like a pro.

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