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The Recruiter GPS™ - Your Pathway to Profit
Map out a plan to HIT and EXCEED targets next year - without working longer or harder hours.

The Recruiter GPS™ Will Teach 3 Things:

1. Pathway to Profit.  A system that will help you stay focused on the right tasks that move you forward in your recruiting business week-to-week.

2. Your Personal Recruiter GPS™.  The 6 key metrics that will allow you to set your desk on Cruise Control and actually arrive at the final revenue target you've been chasing.

3. Mentoring to Metrics.  How to motivate yourself or your team with numbers that drive them intrinsically.

In this Worksheet & Training, I'll go through every step with you in designing an AMAZING next year.  We'll lay out the tracks now so that when you come back from your holiday break -- you'll just hop in and start the engine.  You'll waste no time smashing one target after another.

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