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Does your “inner voice” chirp any of these statements?

  • Marketing is hard!
  • Why don't people call, email, text me back?
  • I'm too busy
  • ​It's hard to find GOOD recruiters
  • ​People don't want to work hard anymore
  • ​No one wants to pay a retainer in my niche
  • I'm a procrastinator
  • It's TOO expensive!
  • There's too MUCH to do!
  • ​I don't have enough time
  • Training Recruiters is HARD and Takes too long
  • I can't wait until I save enough money so I can leave recruiting
  • ​I'm not GOOD at selling
Know THIS: Your inner voice is a LIAR

It’s your subconscious mind trying to protect you, to keep you playing “safe”. It will do EVERYTHING IN IT’S POWER to douse and derail your ambition.

Those with a positive money mindset have or had those thoughts & beliefs too. The difference between them and you is that they know the process to change how they think.

They know they can choose how to look at any situation, and in SPITE of fear and doubt, move forward DECISIVELY.
Develop a MONEY MINDSET in Just 5 Days!
  • Time Sensitive - in ONLY about 90 minutes per day in this highly interactive event we will REVEAL the tools the MOST successful Recruiters & Recruiting Firm Owners Use to outproduce 90% of their peers in the field.
  • Hint - Most 7 & 8 Figure Firm Owners as well as $500k billers work the SAME or FEWER number of hours as those performing at levels 80% below them!
  • HOW?... They’ve harnessed the power of their mind. They aren’t “naturals” to great performance either. They do the mental work to perform better.
Recruiters have gone:

• From Distracted to Focused.
• From Procrastination to Taking Action!
• From Overwhelmed to Clarity.

August 29th - September 2nd
12:00 - 1:30 pm EST Each Day
LIVE via Zoom
Access to daily calls, recordings, workbooks and slides
Discover How to THINK Like a Million Dollar Recruiter and Build a MUCH More Productive & Enjoyable Career as a Recruiting Firm Owner

• Your Host: Michael Gionta Founder of The Recruiter U •

From near bankruptcy early in his career as a recruiter, Mike grew to run the second largest search firm in the greater Hartford Connecticut area for several years, individually produced $2,143,000 in his best year and ranked in the top 3% of Search Firms nationally for over a decade by changing his mental approach to the business. 

 Mike’s column “Ask Coach Mike” is published monthly in EmInfo. Mike is a frequent speaker at NAPS, several state associations, as well as the National Search Franchises. He is also the author of Double Your Placements in 121 Days or Less and Grow Your Recruiting Business - The First 3 Part Blueprint to Create Predictable Profits, Reliable Growth, and Business Freedom.

The Recruiter U is the largest Training & Coaching Company in the Recruiting Industry. Recruiting Firm Owners seek out The Recruiter U to grow their Recruiting Firms with proven systems and strategies that create consistent client flow, consistent revenue, and consistent high-level performance in their recruiters.

Monday August 28th Through Friday September 2nd from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST each day.

No catch. I was going to charge $300 for it and easily get it… however, I KNOW many of you wouldn’t join the challenge. But, when you’re exposed to what’s truly possible, taught like it’s NEVER been taught in our industry, some of you will become long term clients of ours after we earn your trust. Sure, I LOVE to help recruiters, but I am a capitalist at heart!

Plan on about 75 minutes for the training and 30 minutes of homework each day to actually apply what you are learning.

Everything takes place on Zoom. You will get access to the room as soon as you sign up. We will host the live daily calls, and use your email address to deliver workbooks, and slides. Simply sign up below to get all the details.

Email mikeg@therecruiteru.com or call 860-200-7153
Will this be the year you finally scale your business to the next level, amplify your reach, and surpass every one of your stretch goals?
Let's dig DEEP into what's holding you back & getting in the way of achieving a breakout.  We all have internal thermostats that hold us back.  What is yours? Take the self audit to determine exactly where you are today and develop the plan to achieve what you want tomorrow. Check out what recruiters are saying about our last 5 Day Mindset Challenge...

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