Virtual Intensive For Solo Recruiters
With coach, Michael Gionta
Invest a day to grow your business without leaving your office!
Virtual Intensive for Solo Recruiters-How to build your business by DESIGN not DEFAULT 
Virtual Intensive Starts In:
FRIDAY, April 3, 2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Do Any of These Sound Familiar?...
  • Your clients treat you as an annoying vendor and not a trusted advisor
  • Your income spikes one month and plummets the next 
  • ​You land new clients and contracts, but your bank statements aren’t increasing the way you thought they would…
  • ​“Two steps forward and one step back” seems to be your business theme song…
  • ​You want to set goals and actually HIT them … consistently…
  • ​You need a quick, super-charged boost to your business…
You’re not alone! 
In one day Mike will identify what is getting in your way of achieving your breakout, 
how to identify exactly what you want, 
and how to get CLEAR so you can build a plan to move forward!


A Partial List of What We'll Cover...
➢  Learn NEW models to build a REAL recruiting business. One that serves YOU.

➢ Get a baseline for your business – you’ll evaluate the critical components of a successful recruiting business and where you stand on each (and then later in the day we’ll fix them!)

➢ Our five primary drivers and how our beliefs dictate our destiny. We’ll identify the ones that are NOT serving you so you can fix them forever!

➢ How to track five key numbers that will easily make your revenue predictable. We’ll reverse engineer exactly what your yearly goal looks like on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

➢ Transition from an annoying vender to a pursued partner. Be the trusted advisor in your niche.

➢ How predictable profits and reliable growth create freedom in your business and how to attain them.

➢ Move from famine to feast: Learn 3 simple ways to build a pipeline of placements
Expect Results for these 3 Industry Secrets...
Secret #1
You'll Learn The #1 Key to building a Lifestyle business!

Secret #2
How to replace money-fear & revenue uncertainty with a system for predictable income.

Secret #3
The process to transition to a pursued partner and become the trusted advisor in your niche.

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Here's what other recruiters have to say...
“I left with a plan of what I will do for the next 3 days and 3 months to start implementing what I learned and what I already knew. When I sat down at my desk this morning, I implemented my first change. The very first thing. And it was a big deal. Yes, I learned some new techniques, but what I got was a plan, motivation and roadblock removal for implementation like I have never done before”. 
– Bryan Dilts
“Mike always provides very useful content that is practical and easy to understand. I’ve had great results within my recruitment business applying his strategies.” 
– Joel Riet
“Having just finished the intensive with Mike, I am extremely happy that I took the time to attend. Mike's program is much, much more than a sales training or tactics seminar. He has taken the time to not only dissect the business, but to also study and examine the psychology behind success and leadership. Mike's approach will challenge and push you to think outside of your normal paradigm. I highly recommend it!” 
- Andrew Plofchan
“Absolutely amazing experience. I learned more about how to grow my recruitment business in 2 days than I did in the last 12 months. Mike really knows his stuff and it clearly shows. He helped me realize the importance of metrics when running and growing my business (as opposed to just looking at numbers) and he also touched on topics including how to turn candidates into clients (Flip Marketing), how to sell more retainers and much more. It was also great getting to interact and network with other like-minded recruitment firm owners. I look forward to continuing to work with Mike for years to come”. 
– Alex Rawlings, London
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